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We all see today a huge increase in various content development: more and more artists create their artworks, songwriters and musicians record their songs and tracks, writers write their books, video game studios develop new casual or other games. Many people call our century the Entertainment Era when it’s all about entertaining content and everything associated with it. It is a contentious point of view but it certainly bears some truth.

The more content is produced, the more creators of such content want to sell it using the latest technologies. And since the major part of the content is digital nowadays, the content creators sell it via digital solutions such as NFT marketplaces.

NFT marketplaces make it possible to trade—to sell and buy—non-fungible tokens that serve as the representations of unique digital content products some of which are mentioned above. Large content creators choose to sell their tokenized products via their own NFT marketplace solutions that are custom-made from scratch. However, a growing number of individuals and businesses that create various content walk from custom NFT marketplaces towards white label NFT marketplaces. The two main reasons for such a switch are limited budgets and limited time. UaStar is more than ready to help such clients fit into their restricted budgets and timeframes and at the same time savor all the benefits of a world-class white label NFT marketplace for their ventures.

White Label NFT Marketplace Services We Provide

UaStar renders a complete array of white label NFT marketplace development services which help our clients seize the moment, monetize their creativity, and embark on the path of sustainable business advancement.

New White Label NFT Marketplace Development 

Do you want to get an “almost custom-made” NFT marketplace to promote your digital assets but do not want to pay extra costs? No problem: UaStar speaks this language and can tailor an NFT marketplace solution that looks and feels like a product crafted from scratch but lets you keep within your budget limits. No magic, just some customization and you are ready to go public.

Development and Integration of New Features and Functions

There can be cases when you already have an NFT marketplace platform designed and developed by some external vendor but now you want to add some new functionality to it to respond to the market changes and your customers’ needs. We are stationed here to help you with that as well. UaStar’s experts will not only build and add new features to your NFT marketplace software but will also advise which features and functions are of the highest demand on the market now. That is because we do not develop software, we provide solutions that help you achieve your business objectives.

Non-Fungible Token Development

The fact that you are a huge content creator does not necessarily mean that you know what an NFT is and how your content products can be attached to these tokens. If that’s the case, give us a call or a visit, and we will not only shed the light on these matters for you but will also help you mint proper tokens for your assets. 

Candidate White Label NFT Marketplace Audit and Validation

Newcomers to the NFT domain may not be aware of the specialization of different NFT marketplaces and, as a result, have no idea which one to choose as a candidate for their own white label NFT marketplace solution. UaStar’s NFT specialists will help you make the right choice. We will conduct a complete audit of potential candidates based on the type of your tokenized assets in order to validate their suitability and help you avoid any unneeded future expenses.

Technical Support Services

Even the greatest non-fungible token marketplace platforms require some maintenance from time to time: an increased user base can reveal performance problems, the Filter, Auction, Listing or any other feature may work improperly, the Storefront and Wallet may demonstrate freezes, etc. It is absolutely normal, and nobody can be blamed for it. UaStar will happily treat such cases and act as a Single Source Technical Support Provider for your NFT marketplace, even if it has been developed not by our company.

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Benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace Development

We have conducted small research recently and interviewed our clients to find out which real-life benefits they enjoyed as a result of building their white label NFT marketplace software. The results of this research are provided below and are very self-speaking.

Plug and Play Approach

Thanks to its nature, white label NFT marketplace solutions are extremely easy not only to launch but also to use. No sophisticated settings and configurations - get your solution developed and start earning your profits right away.

Development Speed 

As mentioned above and stated by many renowned entrepreneurs, time is money. The faster you have your NFT marketplace up and running, the further you get ahead of your competitors. White label NFT trading platforms are a smart solution to this problem because they don’t need to be built from scratch. You just pick up the most suitable NFT marketplace from the available solutions, and we furnish you with its white-labeled version perfectly customized to your needs in the shortest possible term.

Extraordinary Cost Effectiveness

Since the development of a white label NFT marketplace does not start from a clean sheet, you don’t need to allocate so much needed funds to develop your solution and can use them to further expand your business. Pay less, get more.

Inherited Security

Opposite to a custom-made NFT marketplace solution, a white label NFT marketplace platform inherits all the security features of its parent, which is designed and developed in line with the highest security standards and guidelines. All assets, both your own and those of your users, are 100% protected.

Customization and User Friendliness

White label NFT marketplace development projects by default imply a huge scope of customization because it is needed to meet clients’ needs and ideas. You can get an NFT marketplace solution where every UI element looks like you want it to and ensures the best user experience.

Exhaustive Domain Coverage

Depending on the type of non-fungible tokens to be traded on your NFT marketplace, you can choose a candidate to use as a basis for implementing your white label NFT marketplace solution. There are more than 20 top-echelon NFT marketplaces available for your choice: 

  • OpenSea, if you plan to build a general-purpose white label NFT marketplace.
  • Rarible, if you expect to start trading in various collectibles.
  • Superrare, if your expected users belong to established artists.
  • Known Origin, if you want to attract new and artisan artists to the NFT trading.
  • Enjin Marketplace, if you see gaming enthusiasts as the main category of your marketplace users.
  • Decentraland, if you are a big fan of the Metaverse and want to promote its development.
  • NBA Top Shot, if you want to reach out to basketball fans.

Why Choose Us?

100% Loyalty 

We value our clients and respect them and their needs. No matter how far your imagination and requirements reach, we will never drop you during our joint journey. You can always rely on us, our dedication to the project, and our commitment to helping you succeed.

100% Transparency

We want our clients to be happy and know how their projects progress. That is why we have established a reliable communication, reporting, and accounting policy that allows us to keep you posted on all meaningful turns and straights of the project performance path. We are always on the same page with you.

100% Cross-chain-ity

We speak all blockchain languages and can develop your white label NFT marketplace quickly and flawlessly, no matter on which blockchain its parent solution is built: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

100% Professionalism and Attitude

UaStar’s main values are our people and our reputation, and we have worked hard to solder these two notions together and make the first one help us build the second one. We have collected many true aces under one roof and can guarantee that you get the best possible experience of communicating and working with any UaStarer.

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What is a White Label NFT Marketplace?

A white label NFT marketplace is a fully customizable non-fungible token trading platform that possesses all the functionalities of a custom-made NFT marketplace but is developed based on an existing NFT marketplace solution. Such solutions usually sport modular architecture that allows adding any combination of features and functions upon request.

How much does it cost to develop a White Label NFT Marketplace?

The mean cost of a white label NFT marketplace development starts at as low as $40,000 and has no upper limits due to a whole bunch of reasons, which can be as follows: 

  • White label NFT marketplace development contract type, which can be fixed price (when the parties agree that the whole development project costs some certain amount that will not change), cost-plus (when the parties agree that the client pays the contractor a definite amount for the developed solution and also reimburses reasonable documented expenses of the contractor that are associated with the project performance), or time-based (when the cost of the NFT marketplace development is calculated based on an amount of time spent to complete the project).
  • Hourly rates of the project team members, which can extend from $10/h (if the hired developers are located in India, Vietnam, or Pakistan) and up to $150+/h (if the team is situated in such countries as the United States, Germany, or France).
  • Scope of customization, which can touch only one feature and go as far as to the customization of dozens of existing features and addition of multiple new functions.

How long does it take to launch a White Label NFT Marketplace?

There is no strict timeframe during which you can get your white label NFT marketplace fully developed and ready for launching to the market because it depends upon the scope of customization and the selected baseline NFT marketplace. However, in certain cases, you can witness the successful launch of your brand new NFT trading solution as soon as just 15 days after the contract signature date.

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