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NFT Marketplace Development 

According to multiple sources, including Reuters, NFT sales surpassed $20 billion in 2021. These huge figures prove that non-fungible tokens have become a valuable asset to consider for investments. This assumption is also supported by the available trends that show more than a 2000% increase in the NFT market size in 2021 versus 2020, while in 2020, the total value of the sold non-fungible tokens amounted to only slightly over $100 million. 

It has become obvious that sellers and buyers of NFTs need safe, secure, and robust locations where they can trade these cryptographic assets. And such locations—NFT marketplaces—have emerged: OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, and even NBA Top Shot. However, more and more content creators—individuals and businesses—instead of selling their tokenized products on external marketplaces, want to have their own NFT trading solutions. That is a logical choice as a custom NFT marketplace can satisfy specific business needs, i.e. generate more leads and further convert them into customers who, in their turn, generate more profit for a marketplace owner.

UaStar’s mission as an NFT marketplace development company is to help such individuals and businesses monetize their expertise, increase their outreach, and successfully sell their digitalized assets. Being among Europe’s NFT pioneers, we will help you reap all the benefits of the NFT boost by providing the full set of services associated with the 100% unique NFT marketplace development. The efficiency of our NFT marketplace development solutions is proven by time and successfully tested by our happy clients.

NFT Marketplace Development Services We Provide

Design and Development of Web NFT Marketplaces

UaStar’s extensive blockchain development experience, multiplied by our talented web and UI/UX designers and software engineers, makes it possible to quickly grasp the client’s idea and convert it to a web-based non-fungible token trading platform capable of generating profits for the client starting from the first day of its existence, thanks to its beautiful design created in line with the latest web design trends and performance surpassing the market tolerances. UaStar’s NFT developers strive to contribute to crafting web-based NFT marketplaces that make it possible for their owners to not stick to any specific ecosystem but cover as wide audience as possible.

Design and Development of Desktop NFT Marketplace Solutions

Sometimes, having a native application is preferential as compared to a web one as native solutions offer higher stability, robustness, and security. Desktop NFT marketplace applications developed by UaStar as part of our non-fungible token marketplace development services with the use of the hottest technologies seamlessly build into the respective operating system environments and ensure the best user experience possible.

Design and Development of Mobile NFT Marketplace Apps

The world today is becoming more and more mobile as mobility makes it possible to run businesses from anywhere, not being grounded to any certain location. You can have a great time on a cruise and at the same time successfully manage your company’s everyday operations. That is a huge achievement for everyone, we believe. UaStar has all the resources and expertise to help content creators never lose an opportunity to sell their products and earn well-deserved recognition, no matter where they are. We are guided by all the style guides—Apple Style Guide, Android Material Design Style Guide, Microsoft Style Guide, etc.—to build perfectly designed custom NFT marketplace apps for all mobile platforms and, respectively, help you reach as many potential customers as possible. 

Upgrade and Maintenance of NFT Marketplace Solutions

In most cases, getting your own marketplace for non-fungible tokens does not put an end to your efforts. Yes, you can now launch so much desired sales of your tokenized digital assets and start hearing the jangling of coins falling into your pockets; however, you also need to ensure 100% availability and productivity of your NFT marketplace as even the least bug or the shortest delay can result in huge problems for your business, such as the outflow of users and loss of profits. UaStar can help you focus on what really matters, that is, on your business and its expansion, by taking over all the technical matters associated with the assurance of your NFT marketplace continuity. We can act as your Permanent Technical Support Center that is responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and improving your solution, even if it has been produced by another NFT marketplace development company.

NFT Marketplace Development Consultancy

We understand that there are multiple reliable vendors of the NFT marketplace development solutions today and you can contract any of them to design or build your NFT marketplace. However, sometimes you need an external eye to look through and validate your idea, concept, and design. UaStar offers a full package of consultancy services to help you become confident that your idea is viable and can be translated into a start or expansion of your business. Our top-notch analysts can run various checks and audits of your NFT marketplace development project and provide you with a clear and exhaustive report of its viability and profitability, thus safeguarding you from unobvious and unneeded losses.

NFT Development

In order to sell non-fungible tokens via your NFT marketplace, you need to have these tokens, for sure. There are several ways to achieve this goal, and the most obvious is to find professional NFT developers. These can be either freelance engineers specializing in non-fungible token development or an NFT development company rendering the NFT token development services. Hiring freelance NFT developers can be cheaper but can cost you more in the end due to various delays, deviations, reworkings, etc. At the same time, if you want your NFT token development to be done in a quick and high-quality fashion, you should consider contracting an NFT token development company. UaStar is such a company, and we believe that only NFT development companies can ensure the proper quality and security of non-fungible tokens. The main reason why we think so is that we strictly adhere to the relevant standards—ERC721, ERC998, and ERC1155. These are the Ethereum blockchain standards that define how the NFT development should be done to ascertain the maximum security and compliance of the developed non-fungible tokens.

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Benefits of NFT Marketplace Development

Additionally to joining the yet narrow but promising community of NFT pioneers, you can get some additional benefits by ordering the NFT marketplace development services from UaStar to obtain your personal non-fungible marketplace solution. 

Constant Inflow of Profits

As mentioned above, the NFT domain is booming today and seems to follow this trend in the future as well. Getting your own non-fungible token marketplace is a smart investment into your future business growth as you will see a steady influx of money you can spend on improving your current business position or even transforming your business to better match the market needs.


If you are a massive content creator or a content copyright management company, you don’t want to depend on an external service provider to market your tokenized content. You certainly want to have complete control over all the steps of your NFT selling process. Building your own NFT marketplace solution allows you to achieve this goal within a reasonable timeframe. The only thing you need to do is to find a qualified NFT marketplace developer.

Content Popularization

Using external platforms for increasing your content recognizability may be complicated by multiple factors such as external ratings, listing refusals, long idle times, etc., while promoting your products via your own NFT marketplace gives you all the controls to direct when, how, and at which price your content gets to the public. Instead of being an ordinary seller of digital assets on someone’s else marketplace site, you become known as an owner of your own solution, in addition to still remaining the creator of awesome content.


When you run your own NFT marketplace, it is always easier to promptly respond to a quickly changing market situation and introduce corrective measures. You don’t need to wait until an external service provider reviews and reacts to your request - you are such a service provider for yourself. You are able to adjust your solution as quickly as possible, and we all know that time is everything if the point is about business success.


Again, placing your assets on external platforms, even if these platforms declare themselves 100% safe and secure, may add a lot to your concerns and worries as relying on someone else is always a risk: this platform’s security may be compromised and your assets can be stolen. Marketing your products on your own NFT trading platform, you can always be aware of how security measures are taken and take the needed actions if anything suspicious is noticed.


External NFT marketplaces are usually of a general nature—that is, they welcome non-fungible tokens from any domain: art, video, gaming, sports, etc. As a result, your assets can be hidden under multiple layers of others that come from a totally different area. In its turn, it complicates the process of finding and selling your products. At the same time, you can build a specialized NFT marketplace that showcases non-fungible tokens only from a specific domain. This approach will help you attract those content creators and sellers who also do not want to make their customers’ life complicated.


Finally, ordering your own NFT marketplace development can help you avoid all the deficiencies or shortcomings you find in external solutions. You can personalize everything, that is, choose any suitable structure and layout, play with the color palette, use technologies of your choice, add any desired payment gateways and wallets, etc. You are limited only by your requirements and desires!

Why Choose Us? 

NFT Proficiency and Expertise

UaStar was one of those companies that were at the heart of the non-fungible token appearance in Europe, and since that time we have accumulated a huge portfolio of skills and over 50 successfully accomplished NFT marketplace development projects that currently help their respective owners conquer new business heights.

Exhaustive Blockchain Ecosystem Coverage

UaStar has gathered a perfect team of blockchain experts who are capable of building an NFT marketplace of any complexity on any blockchain platform available today, including such giants as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Polygon, EOS, Open Chain, Stellar, and many others. We speak all blockchain languages!

Seamless Fusion of Blockchain and eCommerce

Blockchain is perfect in terms of security, traceability, and verifiability of ownership of an asset. But trade operations on the Internet mostly follow the eCommerce rules and methods. Hiring UaStar to build your non-fungible token marketplace solution, you get a rock-solid alloy of both blockchain and eCommerce technologies and advantages.

Complete Project Coverage

In addition to just developing custom NFT marketplace solutions, we furnish our clients with a full package of associated services. We can take over your project when it is still at the stage of an idea, nurture it to mockups, then to MVP, and, finally, to a 100% operational and launchable system. We walk even more as we are always ready to help you with further maintenance, upgrade, and improvement of your NFT marketplace.

Ultimate Information Security

When you come to us, we sign an NDA that covers all aspects of our cooperation, starting from the very beginning of discussions on your NFT marketplace development project and up to its release to production. Our entire team strictly follows our non-disclosure policy and allows no data to come out of our offices. Hence, you can surprise the NFT industry with your innovative solution exactly when you find it necessary.

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What is NFT Marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is a software solution—web-based, desktop, or mobile—that allows users to list, sell, buy, and otherwise exchange their non-fungible tokens. Usually, an NFT marketplace consists of a storefront where all the UI/UX elements and NFT listings are located, a back-office that lubricates all the invisible gears, makes them function properly, manages all the under-the-bonnet operations, and, finally, a wallet integration that makes it possible for users to buy or sell their tokens and make or receive the respective payments.

How Much Time Does it Take to Build an NFT Marketplace?

Let us answer this question with a popular saying: It depends. It depends on multiple factors, but the two most important are as follows:

  • Features and functions you want to have in your NFT marketplace.
  • Budget you can allocate for your project.

Having analyzed the market and performed some calculations, we can assure you that in case you choose us to develop your NFT marketplace, you will get a ready-to-use solution as soon as within three to twelve months after the contract signature date.

NFT Marketplace Development Process

There is no strict sequence of steps to be taken during the NFT marketplace development as it usually follows the regular software development lifecycle. In most cases and on most projects, UaStar walks the following path that has been tested in our NFT marketplace development solutions:

  1. Initial discussion and selection of client’s assets to be presented on the marketplace.
  2. Identifying user roles and permissions to be implemented in the solution.
  3. Identifying the technology stack to use for the NFT marketplace development.
  4. Developing the logic and building the smart contracts component of the solution.
  5. Integrating the selected token component into the developed platform.
  6. Integrating the wallet component into the platform.
  7. Performing the pre-release quality assurance and performance and user testing.
  8. Release to production.
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