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Our company provides NFT development services for businesses across the globe ⚡ We have solid experience in this area and follow the latest NFT development practices.

NFT Development Services We Provide

While non-fungible tokens conquer new heights in transaction numbers and business domains, NFT developers have become a highly demanded resource in the world. 
UaStar, being a specialized NFT development company, has many such aces up our sleeve who work to furnish our clients with premier NFT development services. We can quickly set up a professional project team capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements for non-fungible token development.

Non-Fungible Token Development 

Arts, literature, video industry, sports, fashion, gaming - these are only a few areas where non-fungible tokens are used as protection means for unrepeated artworks and also as artworks themselves. We help you get your unique security-compliant NFTs developed under ERC-721, ERC-998, and ERC-1155, the most popular Ethereum standards.

NFT Marketplace Design and Development

The main reason for people’s desire to own non-fungible tokens is that they represent something unique and are inherently unique as well. However, for you to get a token, someone else has to sell it to you. The deal can certainly be finalized by private communications but that method is neither safe nor secure for both parties. That is where UaStar comes in handy, designing and building NFT marketplaces that use all capabilities of smart contracts and protected peer-to-peer network protocols and let users buy, sell, or exchange their non-fungible tokens with maximum security and safety.

White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Young and emerging businesses may have great NFT-related ideas that lead to success but have no time to wait for a custom NFT marketplace development where they could bring those ideas to life. Do these businesses have to give up? Certainly not! UaStar has a special offer - White Label NFT Marketplace Development - for such particular cases. White label NFT marketplace is a fully customizable and legal clon of a reputable and safe marketplace for NFT trading. A smart solution for smart businesses that know how much their time costs. 

NFT Smart Contract Verification and Audit

Millions of agreements are entered into every day, and some of them may have breaches, mistakes, and inconsistencies or discrepancies between their versions. A party may get for signature a contract version that differs from what has been agreed upon with a counterpart. UaStar employs Smart Contracts and NFT features to eliminate such a risk via our signature NFT Smart Contract Verification Service: each agreement gets its non-fungible token and is linked to a blockchain-based smart contract. As a result, it is possible to freely test the agreement versions and identify potential breaches or violations in them.

Benefits of NFT Development

Today, many people in the arts want to possess non-fungible tokens because NFTs ensure the best protection for works of art, such as paintings, songs, books, and so on. But NFT usage is not limited only to the listed applications as various individuals and companies from other domains have already perceived the value of these tokens, which are as follows:

Guaranteed Authenticity

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to prove that a product is authentic, especially if you are not an expert in the respective field. Non-fungible tokens easily prove that products/assets they are created for are original because these tokens utilize all the benefits of blockchain transaction tracking.

Guaranteed Ownership

Proving ownership sometimes tends to be a tricky and time-consuming task, without NFTs. The advantage of the non-fungible token is hidden in its nature, which is the association with blockchain. Blockchain stores all transactions in a book that cannot be forged or hacked due to its decentralized nature. Blockchain also allows identifying owners of NFTs, regardless of the number of transfers they have undergone, and protects potential customers from buying fake NFTs.

Simple Transferability

Non-fungible tokens can be purchased and sold using specialized NFT marketplaces. They also can be used as containers for in-game assets such as weapons, ammunition, clothes, cars, or other unique game articles. NFT transferability makes these tokens a safe trading method, regardless of the traded articles.

New Economic Opportunity

Content creation is on the rise today, no doubt. But content makers have to use conventional methods of their production protection and trading. The introduction of non-fungible tokens has created a brand new ecosystem for content creators that not only eliminates the need to prove their ownership after publishing their products on any platform but also serves as a platform to collect their earnings.

Zero Intermediaries

You are usually disappointed when you have to pay your money to unneeded but unavoidable intermediaries to sell or buy anything. With NFT, you no longer need to do that. As an NFT creator, you can directly communicate with your clients and learn the true value of your product because it is established not by officials from some regulatory authorities but by the NFT market itself.

Why Choose Us? 

NFT Development Pioneers

UaStar was among the region’s NFT development initiators and participated in the elaboration of this industry’s regulations and methods. We have been boiling in this pot since when it wasn’t mainstream yet.

True Blockchain Professionals

Our key team members have been hand and glove with blockchain technology for ages and have a deep mastery in virtually all protocols, know how to configure them properly, and understand how they need to work for customer benefits.

Blockchain Platforms Coverage

We build NFT solutions for various blockchain platforms, namely: Ethereum, Tron, Hyperledger, Polygon, Stellar, EOS, Open Chain, and others.

100% Confidentiality

All communications and exchanges between us and our clients remain where they originally are. No unauthorized disclosures, no data leaks, every detail is duly elaborated in our exhaustive NDA.

Development Agility and Client Engagement

A long time ago, we decided to walk further using the Agile methodology and since that time we have never walked off this path. Our clients can easily integrate into our agile processes and track their project progress at any time. Transparency is our second name!



NFTs are undoubtedly in the public eye but let’s figure out what they are and what they do.

What is NFT?

An NFT stands for a non-fungible token which is a special digital asset used to represent and identify ownership of unique items from the real world—paintings, musical works, books, etc.—and various videos and in-game objects and articles.

How does NFT work?

Built and kept on a blockchain, typically on Ethereum, and regulated by its rules, NFTs are created from digital items that can constitute tangible and intangible articles. 

The main idea of an NFT is that an author of a respective item creates (or mints) a non-fungible token, which acts for their item, and a buyer purchases the token and emerges as the legal owner of a digital original of the item crafted by its author. Thanks to the blockchain origin, such a token allows identifying the owner of the item at any time and tracking all transactions such an item has undergone.

Difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens

The most important difference between these two types of tokens lies in their definition: fungible tokens can be exchanged for other fungible tokens and can be equal, while non-fungible tokens aren’t between themselves and cannot be exchanged for one another.

For example, Bitcoins and US dollars are fungible tokens as one BTC is equal to another BTC and can be exchanged for it. The same applies to the dollar: one dollar is equal to another dollar, and you can always exchange one dollar for another one. 

In contrast, a Nike sneakers NFT is not equal to and cannot be exchanged for a Bored Ape NFT. Moreover, even one Nike sneakers NFT cannot be exchanged for another Nike sneakers NFT.

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