The oil extraction plant "Potoky" has developed a unique technology for the production of high-protein concentrate from sunflower, which can displace soybeans from the animal feed market. A new site was also needed for the new product, which will tell the consumer about the latest technology.


  • Create a clean and enjoyable corporate site with WOW effect
  • Tell about the factory and products in a simple and beautiful way
  • Think through the user interface (adaptability, clear feedback, easy navigation)
  • Increase the number of applications submitted online


We have developed a modern corporate site for the "Potoky" plant

Oil extraction plant "Potoky" is a highly ecological enterprise, the main activity of which is the processing of oilseeds. Thanks to modern equipment and innovative technologies, the plant produces high-quality products.

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After carrying out research and analysis of customer needs we have created a complete wireframe of future site which is based on business objectives.

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The site is made in the minimalism style, which allows you to focus on the products of the plant. The design of the site is simple and intuitive for the user, which helps the client to find the necessary information as quickly as possible.


The site is fully and correctly functioning on all devices.

What features were developed


There is a promotional video on the main page of the site from which the visitor learns the type of activity of the enterprise, as well as about the products and advantages of the company. The site uses interesting animation, which is undoubtedly a feature of this design.


We have developed a 3D plant model for the site, which is a copy of the enterprise itself.


An important functionality of the site is the sunflower cost calculator. To count the cost, you have to specify all parameters and data and send the form with details to the manager.

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For the convenience of customers, the site has detailed information about all products of the company, with a convenient form of ordering products


Based on the results of the work, we received a modern, convenient site that completely solved the identified problems and tasks of the company's business. The company received a site with a convenient calculator, a logical structure and a comfortable adaptive.

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