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Millions of Ukrainians follow the news on the "Informator" website. People read the “Informator” on the streets, in public transport, on the way to the coffee shop, at work, at home, in other words - everywhere! Accordingly, the site should be convenient, adaptive and modern.


  • Update site and pay attention to structure and design
  • Save the audience, attract new users and make visitors want to return
  • Make a site that will stand out among the sites of competitors
  • Increase brand awareness


We have developed a stylish and convenient news portal for "Informator"

“Informator Ukraine” is an independent all-Ukrainian news portal. It writes about the current events of Ukraine and the world, politics, economics, incidents and changes in society.

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We conducted a competitive analysis, during which the pros and cons of the client's website were revealed. The CJM was created in order to identify the target audience and pull the problems that bother users to the surface and solve them. After all the necessary research, the design structure of the interface of the future site was created.

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The site is based on a block design that helps to use space effectively. The main navigation panel divides all content into main sections, which in turn are divided into sub-sections, which allows a visitor to the site to find interesting topic as quickly as possible.


The site is fully and correctly functioning on all devices.

What features were developed

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We have developed dark and light color themes of the site to make the use of the site convenient for the user. This allows the visitor to change the theme to a more convenient one, for example in the evening and at night, with low lighting, when the light interface seems too bright and contrasting, it is more convenient to use the dark mode.

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The user has the opportunity to find out the weather in any city of Ukraine, as well as to find out the exchange rate that is current today on the main page of the site.


There is a filter that allows to sort the news on the sidebar.

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The user has the ability to switch the appearance of news blocks on news pages.


The 404 page not only informs the user that the page has not been found, but also allows the user to navigate to the latest site news. The logo is also animated, which attracts the attention of the visitor.

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We developed a personal account where you can save your favorite articles and bookmark news that you want to read in the future.

Also in the profile there is an "Offer News" function, where the user can share the news with the editor and after checking it by the moderator, the news will be posted in the "News of our readers" block.


The updated Informator site has a neat block design, a simple and intuitive interface and many interesting features for the user.

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.