The main goal of the E-Groshi company is to provide their customers with safe and convenient conditions for using the credit product. And this was confirmed by the developed site, where each client can simply receive a loan at any time.


  • Create an informative and easy-to-use site for customers
  • Present the company's services to existing and new customers
  • Feature the client's site among competitors due to design and its functionality
  • Make the loan process easier and faster for users


For the E-Groshi company, we have developed a modern, informative site with an individual design.

E-Groshi is the only company in the microcredit market that offers various products for certain customer needs, which helps to select the most comfortable lending conditions.

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We conducted a detailed analysis of the business, identified the target audience, analyzed the sites of competitors, their offers, strengths and weaknesses, after that we worked out the concept and structure of the site and developed a detailed wireframe of the future site.

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The main goal for us when we were creating the site was to create the simplest possible design: to make it as convenient as possible for any user with any device - whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone. When we were designing the site, we used branded colors, animation, convenient and understandable navigation, thanks to which the visitor can easily find any information.


The site is designed with an adaptive version for smartphones, tablets and computers with a small and large screen resolution.

What features were developed

We have developed a personal account of the user, where the client can quickly issue a loan, view information on existing loans, or even return the loan online. Also, all personal data of the user, credit agreements and the customer's credit history are stored in the personal account. Also, all transmitted user data is reliably protected by modern protocols, which eliminates the risk of interception of client information by unauthorized persons.

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The site has a menu, with convenient navigation, access to user's personal account, access to the company's social networks and the ability to change language. Also there is a block for quick loan execution, which allows the client to issue a loan at any time on the menu block.


The site also has a block of frequently asked questions, thanks to which the client can always easily find out the answers to questions regarding credit.


On the website there is an advertizing banner which will suggest the client to use the E-Groshi mobile application.


A page 404 has been created to inform the user that the page has not been found.

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To increase confidence in the company, we have developed a "Documents" page where the client can read and download all the necessary documents that are in the public domain, the company does not hide information about itself and its services.


The result of the work is a safe, modern and convenient site, which is equipped with an online lending system without the need to visit the company's office. An online calculator was developed for the site to select the amount of a loan and calculate its term.

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