Notebook with opened website

Rebranding cruise company website

We have created a new, user-friendly site for choosing a cruise.

Each page was thought out and approved by the customer.

We built a design around good fonts, high-quality layout, correct accents, icons, similarity. We paid maximum attention to details.

Rebranding cruise company website

Development of a stylish and convenient news portal for "Informator"

Millions of Ukrainians follow the news on the "Informator" website. People read the “Informator” on the streets, in public transport, on the way to the coffee shop, at work, at home, in other words - everywhere! Accordingly, the site should be convenient, adaptive and modern.

Разработка стильного и удобного новостного портала для «Информатор»
Coins pattern

Development of a modern mobile application for the company's customers

In our time, the era of mobile technology has come in the world and now it is time to use new effective tools that literally broke into our lives along with mobile devices. For this reason the E-Groshi company decided to surprise the clients with the modern mobile application.

Egroshi mobile app

Development of a modern, informative site with individual design

The main goal of the E-Groshi company is to provide their customers with safe and convenient conditions for using the credit product. And this was confirmed by the developed site, where each client can simply receive a loan at any time.

Разработка современного, информативного сайта с индивидуальным дизайном

Development of a modern corporate website for the “Potoky” plant

The oil extraction plant "Potoky" has developed a unique technology for the production of high-protein concentrate from sunflower, which can displace soybeans from the animal feed market. A new site was also needed for the new product, which will tell the consumer about the latest technology.

Разработка современного корпоративного сайта для завода Потоки
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